Customer trialling the ScanMat in store

Customer trialling the ScanMat in store

Israel-based fashion technology company Invertex has launched a new scan-to-fit solution for footwear sizing to make it easier to shop for shoes in-store and online.

The ScanMat product uses a combination of accurate feet mapping and artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of recommendations to what the company says are " unprecedented levels."

Once a customer has been scanned in-store, a profile is created and sent via SMS or email. Customers can then scan any shoe in the store and be notified of the correct size alongside recommendations of other items that will fit. 

In a press-release, Invertex says only 8% of shoes are sold online in the US, with return rates scaling up to 40%."Inaccurate fit and lack of confidence remain two of the most burning pain points throughout the footwear industry that halter e-commerce revenues," it adds.

Invertex says Scanmat should also help redirect customers to e-commerce for future purchases, "seamlessly connecting the physical and digital experiences."

"ScanMat transforms point-of-sale into a positive experience and delivers an engaging retail touchpoint, benefiting both retailers and customers," says David Bleicher, CEO of Invertex Technologies. "Alongside providing consumers with the confidence of knowing products will fit, retailers can expect their customers with scanned profiles to visit their e-commerce sites more frequently, incur dramatic increase in conversion rates and up to 50% reduction in return rates."