A new adhesive for heat-sensitive intimates fabrics has been developed by Bemis Associates, the manufacturer of thermoplastic adhesives, films, and coatings.

The Sewfree Elevation was unveiled this week at the Interfilière Shanghai trade fair in China, along with 'Lingerie to Live In,' the company's first intimates collection of bonded bras, panties, and men's boxers in collaboration with Hong Kong-based intimates manufacturer Clover.

Bemis's newest technical innovation, Sewfree Elevation, was formulated specifically for heat-sensitive fabrics, providing stretch and recovery, without compromising the hand feel of luxury fabrics such as lace. In addition to a better fit and wearing experience, Sewfree Elevation allows factories to assemble garments up to 52% faster, the company says.

The Clover collaboration is intended to show how Sewfree elevates both fit and function in next-to-skin clothing, as well as improving manufacturing efficiencies during production.

"Intimates in China have moved from basic apparel to highly-regarded fashion staples, and new local brands are prompting Chinese women to rethink the meaning of comfort related to intimates," says Steve Howard, Bemis president and CEO.

"We want to help Chinese designers and innovators in this space to maximise their potential by using the most effective, high-quality technology in their apparel, while avoiding counterfeit bonding products falsely positioning themselves as Sewfree."

Lacey Johnson, global brand manager, adds: "Our research in the Chinese market led us to two specific areas of improvement when it comes to the design of bras and underwear – fit and breathability.

"Our new collection shows designers how to build a better bra from a technical standpoint and how to layer in inspiration from the runway."