IT supplier Simparel has launched what it believes to be an industry first with its new shop floor control software for sewn products manufacturers that combines advanced payroll with facial confirmation.

The new Advanced Payroll Module with Face Check for its Simparel SFC v4.0 real-time shop floor control solution incorporates facial confirmation technology that works with the system's Android tablets to add security, speed up the clock-in process, and streamline employee verification.

Employee photos can be pinned to various system dashboards and reports to add a personalised level of communications, a move Simparel says will be a more straightforward and less costly alternative alternative to biometric time clocks.

Meanwhile, the natively-integrated advanced payroll module manages all source to gross payroll data collection and calculations for individuals and teams that are paid either hourly or with pay-for- performance incentives. The module is fully client-customisable and handles multiple currencies, complex pay code formulas, and other production payroll requirements.

Simparel SFC has also been enhanced to include comprehensive payroll reporting for HR, and to enable scheduled production and other system reports to be automatically sent via email to senior managers so they can stay up to date when away from the office or production floor.

"Thanks to strong industry demand and our agile development capabilities, we have not only continued but accelerated development of this breakthrough manufacturing solution," says CEO Roberto Mangual.