Each manufacturer in the Supplycompass network is visited and vetted in person for performance and suitability

Each manufacturer in the Supplycompass network is visited and vetted in person for performance and suitability

A new sourcing platform aims to streamline the buying process by pairing brands with verified manufacturers and providing a central online hub that offers all the tools for production and ensures the entire process is embedded with transparency and integrity.

Based out of the UK and India, Supplycompass was founded by two British engineers, John Wilson and Gus Bartholomew, after observing how the lack of trust and transparency in traditional sourcing methods fundamentally limits the quality of interaction between brands and suppliers.

This challenge is compounded by the fact that purchasers and suppliers are often in different countries, restricted by cultural and linguistic barriers, and pressured by time and monetary factors – all of which make it difficult to communicate productively and in an open manner.

Their solution is structured upon three core principles to embed trust and transparency: Work with the right supplier, personalise the production process, and provide a central platform.

And it has already teamed up with casualwear, sportswear, swimwear, outerwear and kids wear manufacturers clustered in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Europe.

Principle One: Work with the right supplier

Wilson and Bartholomew realised that selectively working only with verified, experienced suppliers who are already operating responsibly increases the likelihood of a productive experience for brands.

To this end, each manufacturer in the Supplycompass network is visited and vetted in person for performance and suitability before being selected. Ethical, environmental, and quality criteria are monitored, and certifications and labels are externally verified.

Additionally, partnered suppliers must comply to a comprehensive Supplycompass code of conduct that addresses hotspots for underperformance.

Principle Two: Personalise the production process

Closing the distance between purchaser and supplier is the premise for building durable sourcing partnerships. To achieve this, the platform uses videos, photos, interviews and data to curate individual manufacturer profiles that provide brands and purchasers with a deep insight into their supply chains, while increasing their sourcing transparency.

To personalise the sourcing process, Supplycompass gets to know the needs and wants of both the brand and manufacturer, and applies this knowledge to pair those who are suited to each other. This personal connection establishes trust and generates substantial time savings, the founders say.

Principle Three: Provide a central platform

Many manufacturers and suppliers, even industry leaders, operate through outdated web-systems or entirely offline. This in turn leads brands and purchasers to be disorganised in their approach, being unsure of what information is required to obtain estimates or what production capacity really exists. By providing a central online platform that facilitates the entire sourcing process, Supplycompass enables brands to create precise tech packs, modify specifications, track progress, and communicate effectively throughout.

Ultimately, centralising their interactions helps purchasers and suppliers to align their expectations and enhance productivity.

Brands can access their online platform for free, and pay a fee on orders placed through the platform. Manufacturers pay an annual network fee in return for new business. Click here for more information.