A new range of bra fabrics designed for use as an alternative to foam lamination and preformed foam cups, has just been launched by Heathcoat fabrics.

Called Spacers, they are modified, double knit structures in which both faces are joined during the knitting process and require no further addition of foam or laminating aids.

The gap between the two faces and the rigidity, or flexibility, of the finished fabric is determined by the choice machine settings employed and the yarn type used.

The company says Spacers can be used in either the traditional cut and sew production methods or in conjunction with moulded cups.

It adds that bras using Spacers are more breathable than those incorporating foam or foam cups and can be tailored to provide almost any combination of bright and matt faces, spun or filament yarns on the face and back.

Different fabric weights can also be used to create a Spacer, as can fabrics with anti-bacterial properties or with various micro-encapsulated substances.

By Sonia Roberts.