An apparel collection made from 100% baby alpaca and produced in a womens' prison in Peru, the first global tagging system for textile recycling, and a patented process that eliminates salt pollution in the preservation of hides are among the innovations chosen under a new global initiative aimed at helping brands and manufacturers find more innovative and sustainable ways of producing fashion.

From over 200 applicants and a shortlist of 19, a final selection of ten start-ups have been awarded a place in the 'Plug and Play - Fashion for Good' accelerator, a collaboration between Fashion for Good (with C&A Foundation as founding partner), Plug and Play and corporate partners Kering, Galeries Lafayette Group and C&A.

Launched earlier this year, the Accelerator aims to fast-track sustainable innovation within the luxury and apparel industries.

The twelve start-ups - Carcel, Circular Systems, Colorifix, Ecofoot, Eon ID, LiteHide by LeatherTeq, Nature Coatings, Norman Hangers, Spindye and A Transparent Company – were selected for their comprehensive approaches to the textile supply chain. Under the accelerator, they will now follow a unique three-month programme during which the programme's partners will support them in scaling-up their innovations by providing mentoring, training, networking opportunities, and other valuable resources.

The accelerator's second edition marks the end of the inaugural batch of start-ups which presented their business models to an audience of investors and corporate partners at a Demo Day in Amsterdam last month.

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