Tokyo-based textile manufacturer Opelontex Co has developed the world's first cationic dye-dyeable polyurethane elastic fibre "LYCRA®fiber T-909B" for swimwear that shows improved strength against swim pool chlorine and an original yarn feature that means it stretches softly and shrinks quickly.

Leading Japanese swimwear makers Mizuno and Descente have already taken the first orders of this new material according to its makers, which is the top maker of Spandex in Japan.

Jointly operated with DuPont and Japanese textile giant Toray which spun off its LYCRA® polyurethane elastic fibre business into Opelontex Co., Ltd. recently, the new material is being made with the co-operation of Invista the trademark holder of Lycra said Toray.

The new swimwear will be promoted as "Waterside Wear" that "fulfills both functionality and fashion needs," said Toray.