Understanding consumer buying patterns - particularly the reasons for dissatisfied end-users, site abandonment and lost revenue - can mean the difference between success or failure for e-commerce and content sites. So now multi-channel marketers such as Ann Taylor and Victoria's Secret are among those exploring new software applications to help them boost sales and leverage the Internet as an effective business and profitable distribution channel.

One of the latest is Netflame2, an application service from LA-based Fireclick that combines real-time content analysis with the ability to speed up the shopping experience on graphic-heavy sites.

The Path Analysis features shows web merchandisers and marketers where people go on their site. An intuitive visualisation tool depicts in real-time where shoppers are headed. If certain pages aren't attracting visitors or are ineffective, changes can be made immediately.

They are also provided with real-time reports that include statistics such as page views, sessions, entry and exit pages, as well as things such as frequent back-button usage, CDN performance measurements and end-user connection speeds. These allow online businesses to identify new trends and alter the site immediately.

For companies with image-rich websites and consumers logging on over a slow speed connection, the service can be used to predict where a consumer will go next. It pre-caches the page, so that on the next browser click the page loads more quickly.

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