Global information company The NPD Group has expanded its checkout tracking service with new information for apparel and technology to help retailers and manufacturers understand and adapt to consumers' changing shopping habits. 

Checkout Tracking, The NPD Group says, measures consumer buying behaviour at the market basket-level, based on receipts for both online and brick-and-mortar retail purchases. 

The new services provide clients with an omni-channel view of purchasing, down to the subcategory and brand level. Data available through Checkout Tracking includes total consumer spend and share of wallet by retailer, category or buyer group, which is delivered via syndicated dashboards for easy access to critical information. 

According to The NPD Group, marketers and manufacturers can use Checkout Tracking for competitor analysis, new product development, marketing strategy, and retailer collaboration. 

For example, market basket insights can be used to improve product bundling and share of wallet can help facilitate manufacturer/retailer collaboration. 

In addition to showing which competitors a retailer's customers are visiting, the service shows assortment and pricing at those competitive companies to suggest tactical improvements to manufacturers' distribution strategies as well as retailers' sales. 

Andy Mantis, executive vice president of Checkout Tracking, says the new information will help the industries it serves in "understanding and adapting to changing consumer tastes, shopping, and buying patterns".