A treatment that promises to 'keep denim fresher for longer' could add a further boost to jeanswear sales.

Tests recently carried out for a major denim manufacturer in India showed that Purista, the new consumer antimicrobial treatment from Avecia, can help prevent bacterial growth - and the associated odour and fabric degradation.

Various samples were tested according to AATCC Test Method 147. Strips of denim fabric were placed onto nutrient agar that had been inoculated with bacteria and were then incubated overnight. The results revealed that where Purista was present, bacteria were unable to grow on the denim. Where Purista had not been used, bacterial growth was extensive.

Peter Cowey, Avecia's business manager for consumer product applications, commented: "Through its highly desirable 'pure, clean and fresh' associations, the Purista branding perfectly communicates the appealing characteristics of products treated with our antimicrobial. The market for close-fitting denimwear has been revitalised, and Purista is a natural partner for growth."

Purista keeps textiles fresh by controlling the growth of bacteria arising in general use. Left unchecked, bacteria can multiply rapidly - often causing unpleasant smells and sometimes fabric degradation or discolouration. The treatment is of particular value in everyday textiles where changing environmental, lifestyle and textile technology factors are leading to higher levels of bacteria.