William Baird's new chief executive, Ruth Henderson, has revealed that she is carrying out a review of the group's active sportswear business.

Ms Henderson has been responsible for the company's women's wear business for the past four years. Now she says she wants to get acquainted with the active sportswear side, which accounts for around 25 per cent of sales.

The announcement was revealed in an interview Ms Henderson with the Sunday Telegraph published at the weekend.

News reports also say that some brands may be put up for sale, others will be expanded into new areas, and a new label could also be in the pipeline.

A spokesman for the British clothing supplier said that Ms Henderson was looking at this side of the business for a variety of reasons.

The active sportswear brands include Lowe Alpine, Tenson and Melka and is likely to have been affected by the problems hiking and rambling have had due to the foot and mouth crisis.

William Baird's half year results are due out in September.

Ms Henderson has replaced David Suddens who has stepped down as chief executive of the business.

William Baird says this was to reflect the smaller size of the group and the increasing emphasis on women's wear as its core activity.

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