Fastener manufacturer YKK has announced a new collection of zippers made from "ocean-bound" plastic collected within 50km of the coastline of Sri Lanka.

The Natulon Ocean Sourced collection is indistinguishable from zippers made of virgin polyester, according to the firm, and offer the same strength, durability, and functionality as their conventional counterparts.

"Natulon Ocean Sourced zippers offer the high quality that people expect from YKK while addressing the environmental crisis in our oceans," said Takashi Tsukumo, vice president, YKK Corporation global marketing group. "Furthermore, the upcycling of ocean-bound plastic into Natulon Ocean Sourced zippers emits less CO2 and requires less energy to produce than zippers made out of virgin polyester."

The firm is working to reduce carbon emissions in its manufacturing processes, and globally has achieved an 8% reduction in carbon emissions since 2013 at its production sites.

Natulon Ocean Sourced is the latest addition to YKK's collection of sustainable trims, which also includes the GreenRise zipper, the first in the industry to use plant-based polyester, and the original Natulon zipper, which recycles about 3,600 plastic bottles (29g/bottle) per 10,000 zippers (60 cm length).

The Natulon Ocean Sourced collection will debut at ISPO Munich from 26-29 January in Munich, Germany and The Outdoor Retailer and Snow Show from 29-31 January in Denver, Colorado. The zippers will be available for purchase in spring 2020.