New products from zipper manufacturer YKK include a number of sustainable trims that are aimed at reducing carbon emissions, toxic chemicals and water use.

Its latest collection features the Natulon zipper, made from PET bottles, old fibre and other polyester remnants. The company calculates that 10,000 Natulon zippers of 60 cm length recycle around 3,600 plastic bottles (29g/bottle). The materially recycled zippers are Bluesign certified.

YKK's range also includes its GreenRise zipper, which replaces polyester made from conventional fossil fuels with plant-based plastic, thereby reducing fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the product cycle. The plant-derived polyester used is made from molasses, the by-product generated in the sugar production process.

Also included in the collection are environmentally friendly snaps and buttons using a new finishing process that reduces thermal energy, water usage, and toxic chemicals and waste.