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The top-selling licensed products, in units sold, for the week ending October 15, 2000:

1. Logo Athletic Basic Wool New York Yankees Cap
2. New Era Cap Co. Authentic New York Yankees Game Cap
3. Majestic Athletic Piazza T-shirt - black
4. Legend/Quality Baseball Cards New Issues Football
5. Nike Team Sports Oakland Raiders Woodson Jersey
6. Nike Team Sports Yankees 3D Basic Logo Cap
7. Legend/Quality Baseball Cards Pokemon Trading Cards - chrome
8. Legend/Quality Baseball Cards New Issue Baseball Cards
9. Logo Athletic Mets Raised Open Cap - black/blue
10.Majestic Athletic Replica Tee - Jeter No. 2

This week's list of top-selling licensed products in units is dominated by New York baseball. With the New York Yankees and New York Mets on the verge of clinching their respective league championships, team caps and T-shirts controlled the majority of the top-10 positions.

Leading the way as the best-selling licensed product is Logo Athletic's basic wool New York Yankees cap. Logo increased sales by almost 2,000 units and jumped up four spots from last week's position at No 5. Closely behind Logo Athletic is New Era Cap Co's authentic New York Yankees game cap, which held the No 4 spot last week. Majestic Athletic entered the top 10 for the first time this week with its black Piazza T-shirt.

Baseball products controlled the fourth and fifth spots, as Legend/Quality baseball cards' new issues football fell from the top spot, and Nike Team Sports' Oakland Raiders Woodson Oakley Inc. (NYSE:OO) ersey was at No 5.

Nike Team Sports also held the sixth position with its Yankees 3D Basic Logo Cap, which increased sales from last week to remain a top-seller. Legend/Quality baseball cards held the seventh and eighth spots last week with its Pokemon Trading Cards - chrome and New Issue baseball cards. Both products remained in the top 10, but lost ground to the World Series.

At No 9, Logo Athletic's Mets raised open cap in black/blue increased sales by almost 2,000 units to break into the top 10. This product jumped 49 spots from last week. Finally, Majestic Athletic's Replica Tee - Jeter No 2 held the tenth spot, after increasing sales over 100 per cent.

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