A newly released survey shows that workers in Vietnamese and Thai factories supplying Nike apparel and footwear are generally satisfied with their conditions.The independent survey by the Global Alliance for Workers and Communities involved almost 5,000 hours of discussions with 3,800 employees in 12 facilities that, between them, employ around 50,000 people - about one in 12 of all Nike contract manufacturing workers in Vietnam and Thailand.The Alliance is currently conducting an assessment of 17 factories representing approximately 60,000 workers in Indonesia, and is about to start another in China involving 11 factories and 75,000 workers."This study is the first step in giving workers in developing countries a meaningful role in shaping their own future, " said Keith Quigley, executive director of the Global Alliance."Our research is based on an 'inside-out' approach. We've gone into factories and heard first hand from the workers themselves what they - and their working conditions - are all about, as well as what they want for themselves, their families and their communities. Based on these assessments, we can now develop targeted programmes to effectively address their concerns."The survey revealed that workers in both countries desired further training in order to enhance their prospects. In Thailand, more than 70 per cent said they had a good relationship with their supervisor and that their income was fair. In Vietnam, says the Global Alliance: "Despite the fact that workers feel there are areas of their factory life that need improvement, they still consider that, in general, their factory is a good place to work."