Sportswear giant Nike Inc on Wednesday announced plans to cut back sports shoe production in Indonesia – just 48 hours after hundreds of workers protested against similar cuts by rival Reebok International.

Nike said it will end a contract with supplier PT Doson Indonesia in November, but added will continue to work with 47 factories that employ more than 120,000 workers.

"Although Nike's relationship with Doson has changed, its commitment to Indonesian workers and consumers has not," said Jeff Dumont, a Nike general manager, in a statement.

He said Nike would help the undisclosed number of workers likely to be affected by its decision by giving them loans, health care and education.

Union chiefs said they expect crowds of angry workers to protest against Nike in the next couple of days in a similar way to the noisy demonstrations in Jakarta against Reebok on Monday.

Reebok later issued a statement saying it was "committed" to production in Indonesia and its orders result in jobs for nearly 20,000 people.