Golfing wunderkind Tiger Woods has signed a new five year contract with Nike, a company source confirmed today."The latest agreement with Tiger reflects his status as one of the great golfers and sportsmen in the world today. We're delighted that Tiger chooses to wear Nike Golf apparel and to use the Nike ball and his input into the design of these items is invaluable to us. His popularity and appeal transcend his sport and we will continue being part of that going forward," said Charlie Brooks, Nike UK's PR chief.The company would not disclose the amount involved, although quotes around $40m. said that Nike co-founder Phil Knight wants to capitalise on the success of the Nike golf ball, which Woods reportedly used in competition for the first time in May this year.However, there appears to be some doubt as to whether Tiger is as keen on the Nike golf ball as the company says he is. David Kravets of the Associated Press, reported last week that although Tiger Woods endorses "Nike Tour Accuracy" golf balls in TV and magazine ads, he actually plays with custom-made balls unavailable to everyday golfers. Nike had been forced to admit the truth in court after a nonprofit group called Public Remedies Inc filed a suit against the sportswear giant.The group claimed that Nike was using unfair business practices and should return its "ill-gotten gains" to the public. The suit was filed last week in US District Court in San Francisco."Tiger Woods does not play the Nike Tour Accuracy golf ball, but instead plays one with a different composition and performance characteristics specially made for him and not available to the general public," the suit said. Mike Kelly, marketing director for Nike Golf, said: "It's common practice in the golfing world to sell the public different products than the ones the pros really use."