Nike has announced the launch of its Nike+ SportBand, as part of the range it developed with Apple last year that enabled runners to hear their run details through an iPod nano system.

The wrist watch gives performance feedback during a run, which can then be loaded into its online running community.

It will be available in the US from 10 April.

Nike said it is designed for runners who choose not to run with music and for those times when you can't use music.

"Nike+ is all about improving your running experience," said Trevor Edwards, Nike's VP of global brand and category management. "Nike + iPod revolutionized running. Now the Nike+ SportBand gives more choice and allows Nike+ to cover any running situation."

It also monitors time, pace, distance and calories burned, with a detachable LINK that captures the run data from a sensor located in the runner's Nike+ ready footwear. Once a run is completed, the LINK plugs into a computer like a USB drive.