Analog Devices (NYSE: ADI) announced that it has teamed up with Dynastream Innovations to develop a wireless speed sensor for use in a new line of high tech training gear offered by Nike (NYSE: NKE). The first product to feature the sensor is the Nike SDM Triax 100. The SDM Triax 100 will use the sensor to help runners gain an extremely precise measure of speed and distance through the mounting of the accelerometer on the shoelaces. This system will allow runners to design more efficient workouts by allowing them to measure and record their time splits on an unmarked course. "The integration of Analog Devices' accelerometers into the Nike SDM Triax 100 is the latest example of the mainstream, commercial applications of our micromachine technology," said James Doscher, director, consumer and industrial business unit micromachined product division, Analog Devices. "In designing our Nike techlab products, we sought to combine sports and technology for the athlete of the 21st century," said Curtis Milander, Nike Techlab marketing manager. "Analog Devices and Dynastream combined their expertise to provide us with the solution to make this goal possible. ADI's accelerometer products are a key part of this technological breakthrough and should be of great benefit to the athletes who use our products."