Nike's research team has spent more than 16 years dreaming, researching, developing and testing the concept of attaching springs to the bottom of an athlete's foot. In Sydney this September, the dream became a reality when USA basketball player Vince Carter "shoxed" the world with his astronomical dunks wearing his new Nike Shox BB4s. Starting today, the benefits of "boing" arrive to the shores of North America with the much-anticipated introduction of the new Nike Shox line of footwear.By using a suspension system at the heel to make the shoe spring back, Nike Shox provides unparalleled responsiveness and impact protection that is designed to harness and return an athlete's energy, providing the impetus to push a workout farther.Although Nike Shox has been in development since 1984, it is only in recent years that valuable resources and advanced materials have become available to private enterprise. Material such as mouldable carbon fibre and foam made its way into the marketplace, which allowed Nike to perfect the Nike Shox model to a level where it could be manufactured and brought to market.