Workers' rights organisation Remake is encouraging consumers to refrain from buying new clothes for the next three months in an attempt to drive systemic change across the fashion industry.

The #NoNewClothes initiative is due to begin on 1 June and run for 90 days through 1 September and has, so far, gained 316 pledges.

"For the next 90 days, we will hit pause on our purchases, pledging to buy no new clothes while we reflect on the values we want to wear; the changes needed to create an inclusive, resilient fashion industry; and the role we can play moving forward," Rework says. "If the actions of brands and the sufferings of garment makers during the Covid-19 crisis has brought anything to light, it's this: deep, systemic change is needed in the way fashion conducts its business."

For consumers who want to continue supporting small, sustainable brands, the organisation suggests purchasing gift certificates or non-clothing items products from their stores, like household decor, or buying clothing as gifts.

"The #NoNewClothes pledge does not equate to "no shopping." Rather, the hope is that by refraining from purchasing new clothes over the next three months, you'll become more aware of your consumption and waste habits and learn how to better challenge them," Rework says on its website.

The scheme follows Rework's efforts to urge major fashion brands to agree to pay for orders both completed and in-production through its #PayUp campaign.

The campaign for the Bangladesh garment industry launched on 30 March in response to reports from suppliers that brands had cancelled in-production orders as a result of retail constriction following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Under Armour, Nike, Adidas and Uniqlo joined the initiative earlier this month which has received 14,000-plus signatures of support, and agreements from 14 brands to pay for back orders totalling upward of US$600m in Bangladesh.