Upscale US fashion retailer Nordstrom is switching to an innovative point-of-sale (POS) system in the cloud in a bid to attend to customers more quickly, and better manage and track information.

The company, which operates 349 stores in 40 states, has selected Infor Rhythm for Commerce to support the company's POS system in the cloud. With Infor, Nordstrom will be better able to engage its growing customer base, fulfil cross-channel functionality promises, and be more accurate and consistent across multiple locations.

"It's crucial that we have the right technology in place today and in the future to improve our customer experience," says Dan Little, chief information officer at Nordstrom. "We're excited to move forward with Infor's cloud-based platform as it aligns well with our current needs and is an adaptable platform that can continue to evolve to better serve customers."
The solution will allow store associates to locate and order products across the supply network, connect commerce platforms with back office systems, and is powerful enough to analyse data that companies gather to create and strengthen customer relationships.
In order to provide a memorable customer relationship, organisations need to provide a unified experience regardless of channel, explains Corey Tollefson, general manager and senior vice president, Infor Retail.

"Nordstrom is an example of a leading edge retailer willing to disrupt a decades-old business model," he adds. "Our design principles are built upon the notion that the smart-phone is the centre of the retail universe and our omni-channel cloud solutions will enable that thinking. These cloud solutions are always on, always current, always enabled."