Anti-human trafficking group Not For Sale (NFS) is to extend its partnership with UK fashion retailer AllSaints Spitafields following the success of an initiative launched earlier this year.

AllSaints has already produced a capsule T-shirt collection for Not For Sale, and will now produce the charity's autumn line at its new partner factory in New Delhi. The factory employs survivors of human trafficking who are seeking to create better futures for themselves through sustainable employment.

Not For Sale said it has been meeting with local NGOs and people living in vulnerable communities in New Delhi, encouraging them to enrol in the factory's upcoming on-the-job training programme. NFS said the partnership is creating a model of "intentional empowerment through employment opportunities".

"We met with a local NGO doing outreach to women and children in Delhi's notorious red light district," said NFS director of international projects Christina Hebets.

"There are 72 brothels on this one road and anywhere from 8,000-10,000 prostitutes live in the labyrinths of brothels. The majority are either Nepalese or from surrounding poor communities of Delhi.

"Granted, not all women are forced to be there, but many are enslaved by a misconception that they cannot make an income elsewhere. Therefore, we are working to develop an on-the- job training programme and offer these women adequate, competitive, free, and dignified employment."

The AllSaints team in India will spend one day a week in the factory, helping NFS to improve efficiencies and standards to make it a more competitive social enterprise.