Bill Moody, president of Nova Knitting Machines, and James Wang, president of Pai Lung Machinery, have announced an exclusive marketing agreement which will give Nova the exclusive rights to market Pai Lung machines in the United States, Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean. Established in 1977, Pai Lung is based in Juei-Fang Taiwan and is established as one of the largest circular knit machine manufacturers in the world. The company exports to 64 countries.According to Bill Moody, "Nova will offer the full Pai Lung line of machines. Pai Lung offers jersey, fleece, plush, rib, interlock, striping and other industrial types of machines. They offer top-of-the line machines with diameters from 2 to 60 inches. "Over the past several years, Nova has looked at a number of circular manufacturers, but we feel this is the quality of machine Nova wants to be associated with." This agreement means that Nova now offers a full line of circular machines along with the technically advanced Nova collar and trim machine, the Stoll line of semi-jacquard and jacquard flat machines, refurbished flat and circular machines, plus after market parts like cams. The new look Nova Machine website can be viewed at