Textile yarn producer Nylstar has created the first bacteriostatic fibre in polyamide 6.6, a thread that is designed to preserve the skin's natural balance even during strenuous physical activity.Meryl Skinlife, which is based on polymer research from Rhodia, is to be produced and sold in a joint venture between Nylstar, Rhodia, and Snia.Bacteria is naturally found on human skin, but too much or too little can cause problems ranging from unpleasant odours to allergic reactions, or even illness. The new yarn will control the proliferation of bacteria, said Nylstar, but the bacteriostatic properties of the product will preserve the necessary amount of bacterial skin flora needed for the body's natural defences.The introduction of the bacteriostatic agent in the matrix of the polymer also makes Meryl Skinlife highly resistant to repeated washing, the company said.Meryl Skinlife has been produced specifically for active wear, socks and clothing used in fitness and active sports.