Oakley, Inc. (NYSE: OO) Friday announced that it has reached an agreement to redefine its current relationship with VitroRobertson, its San Diego-based advertising agency. Due to increased operating efficiencies and the in-house capabilities of its graphics department, Oakley has decided to bring creative development in-house. This decision will have no effect on the current campaign's execution, creative or delivery, which is completed and set to run as scheduled. Oakley will retain VitroRobertson as its agency of record for media buying and planning. Oakley is also investigating the expansion of VitroRobertson's role in media planning for its key international markets. "We're deeply appreciative and thankful for the creative talent and strategic energies that VitroRobertson put into our 2000 campaign. We are confident this year's campaign will successfully broaden Oakley's brand awareness and drive growth across all of our product categories," said Oakley Chief Executive Officer Jim Jannard. "The collaborative efforts and infrastructure realignment derived from working with VitroRobertson has us poised to continue producing `breakthrough' ads." Oakley hired VitroRobertson as its agency of record for creative development and media services in August 1999.