Ocean Pacific Apparel Corp on Thursday announced it had agreed a licensing deal with New York-based Gina Hosiery for the design, production and selling of mens' and boys' casual and sport socks.

The California-based firm said in a statement the socks are slated for initial delivery in spring 2003 and will be sold under its "Op" moniker and "Ocean Pacific" brand name in speciality retailers and department stores.

"Our business has rapidly developed across all categories, spurred on by the increasing global relevance of the `West Coast lifestyle' and OP's 30-year tie to it," said Ocean Pacific SVP, Andrew Lelchuk.

"With the extraordinary design, manufacturing and marketing capabilities of Gina Hosiery, we suspect this segment of our business is going to be very significant."

Gina Hosiery owns and operates two manufacturing facilities in Mexico and has contracts with a range of domestic and international mills.