Oeko-Tex, the ecological assurance labelling scheme, is to launch an aggressive promotional campaign to build the brand's international profile.

At its most recent meeting, the Oeko-Tex Association revealed market research that showed the Oeko-Tex brand has a high level of recognition amongst consumers in Germany.

It said its next objective was to enhance the perception of this brand across all of its operational markets. These include Europe, Hungary and Japan, with awareness also being created in the USA, Korea, China, India and elsewhere.

A number of initiatives are planned, including a new Questions and Answers brochure in 11 different languages, and a fundamental reworking of the Oeko-Tex website to identify all products that carry the brand. This is expected to offer a significant advantage throughout the manufacturing and supply chain, enabling more rapid sourcing of certificated components together with the ability to screen out any that are not certificated in the required manner.

Raimar Freitag, the president of the association said: "There has recently been a proliferation of unfocused and inferior labelling schemes purporting to offer ecological assurance. This is proving to be confusing to consumers. The Oeko-Tex system is the only scheme that is tried and tested over many years to provide these proper levels of reassurance. We will continue to educate consumers and retailers about the real confidence that they can have in Oeko-Tex branded goods."

The Oeko-Tex scheme is now in its 10th year and has issued more than 25,000 certificates covering millions of textile products.