The US Olympic Committee has signed its first official detergent licensing deal. The agreement with Win Products makes Win Detergent the official licensed laundry detergent of the US Olympic team.

Win's high-performance sports detergent is designed to eliminate embedded sweat and odours found in performance athletic apparel.
According to Win, high-performance micofibre apparel - which is used by serious athletes for its moisture management and body heat mitigation - has the disadvantage of retaining bacteria attracted to sweat trapped in the microfibres.

Win Products president Jeff Crow said: "Win's super oxygenated system directly targets the bacteria oxidising the offensive odours and stains associated with performance products that have become popular among Olympic-calibre athletes and weekend warriors alike".

The formula is said to remove embedded sweat and odour and neutralise bacteria that overwhelms the fabric, which also eradicates coloured bodies that produce stains.

According to Win, independent testing at Shuster Laboratories in Canton, Massachusetts, has confirmed its ability to remove sweat and odour from all fabrics.

The product is said to be safe for all colours and fabrics and can be used with traditional washing machines, high-efficiency machines, and for hand washing.

Win is the first official licensed detergent of the US Olympic team and will be used at US Olympic training centres nationwide.