California-based custom on-demand fashion platform Variant has launched an eco-friendly knitwear platform that allows users to design unique, high-quality products that are produced and shipped to the customer within ten business days.

Founded in 2016, Variant hopes to promote sustainability in the fashion industry by changing the global supply chain and manufacturing process to re-make fashion on-demand. Beginning with sweaters, the firm is working on expanding and diversifying the library of garments available for customers to design and order.

"Variant is offering designers and creatives customised eco-friendly knitwear, where all orders are manufactured after purchase and made to order, eliminating the problem of overproduction in clothing manufacturing," explains founder Garrett Gerson. "This will be the first time any company has created this accessibility, speed, and level of customisation."

Variant users log into the platform, upload their custom design, drop it onto a 3D virtual garment that they select from the Variant stock, then place their order. The request is then sent to one of Variant's localised factories, where the garment is produced and shipped to the customer within ten business days.

"Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, Variant claims to cut textile waste by 95% by knitting each style directly off the machine," Gerson adds. "In the fashion industry, most products are designed to meet the tastes and preferences of the majority, and most major clothing companies outsource their production to overseas factories, requiring them to produce thousands of articles at a time.

"By giving these tools directly to the consumer, we can help eliminate the bulk waste created by the fashion industry."