A collaborative web based solution that manages the fabric development and approval process between all trading partners in the supply chain has been introduced by Ai. AiFabric is integrated into the company's recently introduced AiFashionStudio, and enables specifications to be viewed by all trading partners. Fabric standards, tests and conformance can be created and managed; and new fabrics viewed and older fabrics catalogued. There is a multilevel search on fabric types, construction and standards; and it is possible to track versions, edits, changes and issues related to fabrics by time, date and user stamping. Statistical analysis including fabric finishes by merchandising, group and season can also be reported."AiFabric is an easy-to-use, quick to implement, flexible business application designed to provide textile companies with the ability to actively participate in the product development process with their customers, then to track the placement and production of that fabric through to the factory," said Jack Bullock, Ai's CEO. AiFabric is a commercial release of a prototype built by Ai for Levi Strauss & Company and its top domestic suppliers in 1996. "We are able to realize tremendous savings using the system by simply being very clear up front on what the requirements are," said Paul Mailman, VP of product development at Swift Denim."We compete in a very difficult market by having the best product in our category and offering the best customer service. We see AiFabric as a way to offer all of our customers the same great technical service we offer Levi Strauss & Company."