The Leather Factory Inc (Amex: TLF) has announced details of several enhancements to its web site. It is also continuing to develop and expand certain sections. The latest upgrade means that the entire product line is now available for purchase by retail customers. The company is also actively engaged in a project to enhance its online capabilities to support its wholesale customer base as well. Other future enhancements include features geared to support leathercrafters of all levels of experience, including patterns and leathercraft tips that can be downloaded. The company also plans a business-to-business area for the Midas Metals line and a section selling small finished leather goods from its Royal Crown Custom Leathers division.Development of the investor relations pages was a joint effort with PR Newswire and its vIRtual IQ service. Interested investors can obtain comprehensive information about the company such as stock quotes, financial information, archived news and SEC filings, as well as officer and contact information. In addition, company news releases are displayed on the website in real time. The investor relations information is updated daily.Wray Thompson, chairman, president and chief executive officer of The Leather Factory, stated: "Like so many other online merchants, we have expanded our potential customer base from 28 markets to include leathercraft enthusiasts from all over the US and the world. Our customers can now order over 2500 different items from us online. To our knowledge, our site is now the largest single source for leathercraft items on the Internet today. In the same way, the investor relations pages provide an efficient and timely source of information to interested parties that might not be reached otherwise."