Online purchases are still likely to account for less than 1 per cent of total clothing and footwear purchases in the UK by the end of 2001 according to data just released by Taylor Nelson Sofres Fashion Trak. Which means it is likely to be some time before the online 'shopping experience' for clothing and footwear becomes as attractive in a virtual setting as it is in the high street itselfThe findings suggest that within the next 12 months, clothing and footwear sales via the Internet will still only amount to 0.6 per cent of total sales of these products. This compares with online sales of books in the UK which amounted to 5.5 per cent of total sales during the last six months, online video sales (4.3 per cent of total sales) and online music sales (2.9 per cent of total sales)."Online purchases of clothing and footwear products during the coming year are unlikely to grow at the same sort of rate as other product areas such as CDs, videos, DVDs and books," says Wendy Shepperson, account manager, Taylor Nelson Sofres Fashion Trak."Not surprisingly, shopping for clothes is a highly personal activity where factors such as size, fit and appearance play an important role in making a purchasing decision. These factors are far less relevant when buying a product such as a CD or book. In addition, clothing and footwear shopping tends to involve a higher degree of browsing as part of the buying process and is often a highly social and interactive activity - especially within the younger age groups."