A new online chemical analysis programme for textile manufacturers promises to provide hazard and risk assessment without revealing sensitive trade secrets.

T-Chip – the Textile Chemical Information Profile programme – launches on 22 January, and works by manufacturers confidentially submitting information about their commercial textile chemical products through an online portal at www.T-ChIPTicket.com.

The programme uses human and environmental toxicological data to conduct an ingredient-level hazard and risk assessment, providing the manufacturer with a summary of the hazard/risk profile.

The developers of T-Chip said they were responding to sustainability-minded brands and retailers, who are increasingly demanding hazard information for a product’s individual ingredients.

They added that T-Chip can conduct a broader risk assessment based on supplied information about operating procedures in areas including water, air and waste treatment, materials handling and employee training.

The programme, they said, then benchmarks these procedures against the industry’s standard practices and assesses the manufacturer’s risk.