Online sourcing platform has boosted its textiles division with new features designed to help bring designs to market more efficiently and cost effectively.

The portal connects sourcing professionals with factories making apparel, fabrics and footwear, matching buyers and suppliers with the right expertise, capacity and credentials.

This ranges from RFQ (request for quote) creation and manufacturer-supplier collaboration to factory selection.

The new platform ties together a range of new and existing supply-chain applications in seven of the world's most widely used languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese), in more than 50 currencies, and for companies of all sizes.

Items from the same category can be grouped into a single RFQ, style libraries help buyers to manage all their styles in a central location, and orders can be monitored via a personalised dashboard.
"This is a big step in our roadmap to provide competitive advantages to our textiles and apparel customers in this highly fragmented industry," said Mitch Free, founder and CEO.