A new feature of all Permaboss.com Inc embossing machines means that live, instant training on new techniques can be carried out over the web. BossCAM can be run on any web browser, anywhere in the world, and makes it easier to offer technical assistance to users. Once installed at a customer's factory, the technology can be used for any machine with any vendor, anywhere in the world. Says Robert Harbauer of Permaboss.com Inc: "Today, all our customers are spread around the world and few companies can afford to have a technicians in every city in case of an emergency. In reviewing service call statistics for our equipment, we found that over 90 per cent of all technical issues can be resolved by the customer in less than 10 minutes. This statistic may hold true for other types of equipment, but there are still major advantages for companies to provide this type of service. "Time is everyone's most important resource. Using our BossCAM we can provide live instantaneous feedback on our equipment to the customer. This is a concept of "virtual technician" for the 21st century."