OptiTex Ltd has ended its six-year arrangement to supply CAD software to Los Angeles-based Tukatech Inc.

As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and distributor for Tukatech, OptiTex's software was used in products distributed under the TukaCAD brand.

Yoram Burg, president of OptiTex USA Inc, stated: "It is a mutual decision for both of us, Tukatech will continue to provide their other products and services; it just won't be built on OptiTex technology."

Commenting on the reasons that led to the decision Mr Burg added: "Unfortunately we were not able to agree on the financial terms of our future relationship.

"We agreed that it would benefit both parties to pursue their corporate strategies independently."

Tukatech will not receive or distribute the latest OptiTex developments, including version 9 which offers full networking capabilities, 3D visualisation integrated into pattern design, and visual made-to-measure software for mass customisation.

All Tuka customers who are looking to upgrade their current version 8.93 software will have to do it through OptiTex USA Inc.

Separately, OptiTex says that in addition to its North American headquarters in New York City, it is opening an office in Los Angeles CA to support its west coast clients.

Development is also underway for Optitex version 10 which will provide the ability to exchange information across PDM/ERP/PLM platforms and a "major technological breakthrough in the field of 3D."