OptiTex has added a new multi-language feature to its 3D Runway Designer tool which should boost communication between designers and their manufacturers around the world.

The new facility allows designers to customise the software interface simply by selecting a language from a drop-down menu; the features will appear automatically in that language.

It currently works in English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Hindi, with plans to add several more languages in the near future, including Japanese, Indonesian, Italian and Polish.

OptiTex is also making use of Google's new API (application programming interface) so that participants in a chat room can select a second language into which the text will automatically be translated.

This enables a designer in the US and a manufacturer in China to each select the language in which to read the chat room text.

"Our system helps insure that everyone is on the same page from the beginning to the end of the design process," says Ran Machtinger, OptiTex's president and CEO.