OptiTex, the developer of 2D and 3D CAD systems for the fashion industry, has signed a deal with Jets Digital in a bid to leverage its position in Australia and New Zealand.

The agreement will provide OptiTex's advanced software solutions with an "enhanced route to market" in Asia Pacific, it said.

Optitex recently opened an office in Hong Kong to expand its client base worldwide and improve support for existing customers. The company said its affiliation with Jets Digital will leverage the capabilities of both companies by combining "strong local market expertise" with "leading-edge software solutions" and Jets' client base.

"Australia and New Zealand are significant and advanced markets for us in Asia Pacific, with the potential to impact other countries as well," said Ofer Asif, vice president of Asia and emerging markets for Optitex.

The new partnership, Asif added, will provide a "solid access to the leading players in the market, and presents us with an excellent opportunity to strengthen our position in the region".