More life-like digital designs can now be achieved

More life-like digital designs can now be achieved

Optitex has introduced a new version of its O/Dev 3D Product Creation Suite featuring improvements in 3D simulation and more life-like digital samples.

The upgraded software package version O/15 enables fashion and apparel companies to boost their efficiency and competitive edge across the textile product development workflow, the company says.

"Using it enables fashion businesses to boost their efficiency in terms of productivity across their digital design and development workflow, from creating 2D pattern pieces through to unprecedented 3D digital sampling," explains Optitex CEO Asaf Landau.

"This allows them to make more decisions while still in the digital environment, fuelling creativity and saving time and cost, for a true competitive edge."

Advances in 3D simulation mean the new release gives a more life-like look to digital designs, including natural looking pleats, authentic collars and cuffs, and integrated rigid parts.

A speedier, easier workflow saves time from the first stitch on the screen to the final 3D digital sample, with a 50% reduction claimed in required stitch operations.

The new version software also enables users to grade 2D patterns to multiple sizes with just a few steps, using the new Equal Grade tool. And they can make changes in 2D design and instantly see the results in 3D, with no need to refresh the screen

Other improvements include an enhanced samples library with a richer array of ready-to-use avatars, animations, fabrics, and trimming elements, as well as a sleeker new look to the 2D/3D software itself.