OptiTex has launched a new and updated 3D male avatar to help men's wear designers and manufacturers try out their designs in a virtual sampling process before moving to production.

Beginning in November, the male avatar, which has been named 'Adam,' will appear within OptiTex's 3D new Version 10 3D modules and related applications.

The avatar can be created with a range of body types and shapes, including variations in muscle tone definitions, belly shapes and a number of different postures.

Designers can review, refine and measure a garment before a single pattern is cut.

Other 3D avatars from OptiTex include a female 3D supermodel and boy, girl and baby avatars.

"Virtually every parameter of the avatars is customizable, allowing designers to see their creations come to life on the screen, virtually eliminating the expense of models and fabric waste and significantly reducing production time," explains Ran Machtinger, CEO of OptiTex Ltd.