A study by online recruitment site, TheLadders.co.uk, revealed the differences between clothes that will get you hired or fired.

It was revealed that 67% of UK bosses would decide against a job candidate because of their clothes. The most unsuitable interview wear was deemed to include the colours orange, red and pink, dangly jewellery, low neck lines, or over casual attire such as sports shoes, t-shirts or jeans.

TheLadders.co.uk team, headed by fashion stylist and writer Gabrielle Teare, found that traditional formal interview attire says "hire" irrespective of market sector or industry.

For men, black leather shoes (56% hire), pastel long sleeved shirt (48% hire) and a tailored suit (51% hire) would result in a second interview. Similarly, for women the survey suggested a mid-length skirt or dress (64% hire), tights (94% hire) and high heels (69% hire), would leave a positive impression.

The strongest message to come out of the study was to invest around £300 in a good interview suit. 94% of bosses said an obviously cheap suit would result in the candidate being rejected.

By Becky Pile.