The Organic Trade Association (OTA) is publishing the 'Organic Fibre Directory' as a comprehensive resource for locating sources of, and products containing, organic fibre. An updated and expanded edition of OTA's 'Organic Cotton Directory' published in 1998, the 'Organic Fibre Directory' lists companies handling organic cotton, flax, hemp, and wool. This latest directory contains listings and contact information for organic fibre growers, brokers, mills, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. More than 150 companies are listed in the directory offering a range of products including apparel, sportswear, undergarments, sleep wear, personal care items, bed and bath linens. The apparel and textile industries' use of organic cotton continues to stimulate demand for organic cotton both in the United States and overseas. In 1999, US farmers planted approximately 16,413 acres of organic cotton-a 75 per cent increase over 1998. Non-OTA members can order a copy of the directory for $25 plus $3 shipping and handling. The OTA member price is $15, plus $3 shipping and handling. Those outside the United States and Canada must pay international shipping and handling costs of $6 per directory. For more information, visit the company's website at