Consumers in the UK are expected to resume spending in out-of-town shops sooner than in other locations, according to research.

Retail research group Verdict says that the fortunes of out-of-town shops are beginning to turn after they were particularly badly hit by the recession. Lower rents, superior access and better links to online are expected by Verdict to play important parts.

Consumers will increase spending in out-of-town shops by GBP14.7bn over the next four years, finds Verdict.

Research by Verdict found that although growth in spending dropped to 1.7% in 2009 from 3.0% in 2008, consumers are spending more at out-of-town retail parks this year. Verdict predicts that spending will increase by 2.9% this year and by 3.0% in 2011.

Matt Piner, analyst at Verdict said: "Despite many out-of-town retailers experiencing a tough time during the last few years sales are improving due, in part, to the expansion by supermarkets to accommodate their non-food products.  As supermarkets at out-of town retailer parks get bigger, consumers are often more tempted to visit them due to greater convenience and choice of products."