OUTLAST Temperature Regulation can reduce perspiration by up to 44 per cent in footwear, Outlast Technologies said today.

Following tests, the company claimed that full envelopment with OUTLAST Temperature Regulation in cold weather moderates the wearer's temperature across varying environments and activity levels. With OUTLAST Temperature Regulation, the wearer is more comfortable, and can therefore perform better.

"This research quantifies just how much OUTLAST Temperature Regulation enhances comfort and performance," said George Cattermole, Outlast's president and chief executive officer.

"Because OUTLAST Temperature Regulation is the only temperature regulation material available in a wide variety of formats, we are looking forward to replicating these excellent results in future tests focusing on other products and product combinations," said Monte Magill, director of product development.

OUTLAST Technologies exclusively offers Temperature Regulation technology in fibres, fabrics and foams so that it can be incorporated into any outdoor apparel products, from head to toe and from base layer to shell layer. This unique material absorbs, stores and releases heat to keep the temperature much more stable across varying environments and activity levels. OUTLAST Temperature Regulation reduces thermal spiking - overheating (hot spots) and overcooling (cold spots) - to conserve energy by reducing the body's compensatory metabolic swings. Furthermore, OUTLAST technology is not affected by compression, unlike traditional, trapped-air insulation.

In footwear, moisture is a key factor in discomfort and, with vigorous activity, each foot can generate up to one full cup of moisture per day. Reducing perspiration - the body's reaction to overheating - increases comfort for longer and better performance.

The footwear tests were designed to calculate the relative perspiration in control boots and boots with OUTLAST Temperature Regulation in coated fabrics. Test subjects, representing a wide distribution of fitness levels, participated in trials consisting of alternating walking and resting periods for three continuous hours in an environment of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Foot moisture was measured by weighing the boots and socks before and after, with the difference indicating the amount of perspiration.

OUTLAST Temperature Regulation is now available in footwear from well-respected brands such as Asolo, Irish Setter, Lowa, Nordica, Red Wing, Rollerblade and Vasque.

About Outlast
Outlast Technologies, Inc, develops, licenses, and markets Temperature Regulation fibres, fabrics, and foams to premium-quality brands for outdoor wear, extremity wear, home products and workwear in North America, Europe, and Asia. Product customers include Boeri, Fjallraven, Jack Wolfskin, K2, Marmot Mountain, Wigwam and approximately 200 other companies worldwide. Founded in 1990 and based in Colorado, Outlast Technologies has pioneered the development of Temperature Regulation technology. For further information about Outlast Technologies and OUTLAST Temperature Regulation, visit www.outlast.com.