Shahriar Sayeed Hossain, owner of a garment factory that collapsed last month killing 74 people, has been jailed pending trial along with company official Abul Hashem Fakir.

A court in Bangladeshi's capital Dhaka refused bail for the two, who had been in hiding after the nine-storey Shahriar Fabrics building in Palashbari collapsed on 11 April with hundreds of people inside.

Hossain and Fakir are said to have surrendered themselves to the court to face the charges of negligence and have reportedly also given compensation worth approximately BDT1.9 million to injured workers and the families of those who died.

The court decided that flawed construction appeared to be the reason for the collapse, the country's worst-ever industrial accident. The plant was situated on a filled-in canal without approval from the authorities.

Rescuers have so far confirmed 74 deaths from the incident, but many people are  still said be missing. At least 80 more workers were injured by the accident, many seriously.