From mid-summer, international apparel manufacturer and wholesale marketer Oxford Industries Inc (NYSE: OXM) will be implementing Log-Net's online purchase order and transport management software applications.

"The order management application has the potential to expedite and simplify Oxford's order creation and release process from start to finish," said Mark Kirby, Oxford's director of global logistics. "We see this as a potential replacement for the system we are currently using to create our orders. Rather than inputting all our orders we can use the Log-Net order management application to generate them from the beginning."

With regard to Log-Net's transport management application, Kirby said: "We wanted to improve the visibility of our inbound shipments of product and reduce the amount of time we were expending in trying to track those shipments manually. Log-Net's web-based application allows us to do that. It will save us a lot of man-hours and give us better results than we were getting before."

Oxford will implement the Log-Net transport management application in segments, by trade lane and by Oxford sub-unit. The company plans to go live with the first business segment - Oxford women's wear, Asia sourcing - in mid-summer 2001, and plans to have the system up and running for all its business by April 2002.