Speciality fibre producer Palmetto Synthetics has signed a CertainT trademark agreement with Applied DNA Sciences to bring traceability and bringing transparency to its manufacturing processes.

The CertainT platform provides secure, forensic guidelines for monitoring the flow of product through the manufacturing process via molecular tagging, testing and tracking. Routine inspection and authentication is transparent and certified throughout the process via an integrated database and portal. 

Palmetto Synthetics, headquartered in Kingstree, South Carolina, provides a  range of polymers that can be spun into fibre to be used in polyester and nylon fabrics for products including footwear and performance apparel. The company is also are heavily engaged in post-consumer recycled fibres.

"The CertainT system physically traces the raw material, ingredient, component and product, so brands may claim they are performing full traceability from source to shelf," explains Dr James Hayward, president and CEO of Applied DNA Sciences.

"Unlike the process of certifying products with a paper trail, or a mass-balance approach where certified raw materials, such as recycled PET may be easily mixed with non-certified ones, CertainT assures product integrity and traceability by ensuring the product itself."