Former Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson and business partner Richie Rich are facing legal action over their new range of apparel, according to reports.

Local media reports say that New York-based apparel company Maggy London has sued the pair for infringing the company’s Muse trademark with the new clothing ranges.

The company said it had tried to contact Anderson and designer Rich – also known as Richard Eichhorn – when it heard that they were launching the Muse range.

And it described the occasional change of the name to A*Muse as “nothing more than a disingenuous effort to disguise their infringing activities”.

The legal action in Manhattan Federal Court alleges that the new line dilutes the reputation of Maggy London’s Muse brand.

The company is seeking an injunction, disgorgement, damages and costs, alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition.

None of the parties involved in the case could be reached for comment.