Outdoor clothing brand Patagonia is expanding its partnership with Swiss speciality textile effects company HeiQ by adding the firm's Fresh Tech odour control technology to its autumn 2019 collection.

The move builds on a strategic research partnership launched last year by the two companies to explore new ways for sustainable textile finishing technology to achieve breathable and durable water repellence (DWR) with best-in-class performances.

"While we were happy with our previous odour control solution, we were able to develop a better solution as part of our R&D partnership with HeiQ," says Matt Dwyer, director of material innovation and development at Patagonia. "We are always looking to improve quality of our products, and HeiQ Fresh Tech will help us meet our consumers demands. We are excited to continue to expand our partnership with HeiQ to develop sustainable textile finishes."

The HeiQ Fresh Tech odour-preventing and odour-absorbing textile technologies continue to be effective even after prolonged use and frequent washings.

"We are confident our HeiQ Fresh Tech solution will be a great addition to the Patagonia product line, and will create the highest value possible for the consumer," adds Carlo Centonze, HeiQ CEO. "The Patagonia and HeiQ partnership is based on our shared vision that technology can perfect our every-day textile products."